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If you could just see a different perspective for only twenty four hours. By walking in someone else’s shoes, would you? If you have that answer to my question, I am already impressed with your perspective. Because as we grow up we realize things aren’t the same, but yet we seem to see the cause of it all. All the co-motion, the stress of everyday life that feels heavy. And I get it, not everyone experiences the same energy but what if you could walk in that man’s shoes? I’m talking of the man/women who wake up every single morning and makes his/her bed, cleans up the room, makes breakfast, even if it means waking up an hour early before you have to get up? How does he/she feel?

I bet they feel alive and a sense of purpose. They do not rush themselves, but hold firm in staying composed and not even bothered about anything. This short read I wrote, is intended to engage the curiosity to a new and meaningful outlook on this life, we all share.

I found myself alone many, many times in my life, mainly by my poor decision making on my part, Iv’e been haughty and enraged with anger, frustrated like it’s the world’s fault I am whom iv’e become. Iv’e seen things I shouldn’t have ever laid eyes upon as I was just a child. Drugs, death, women, too young in movies because quite frankly I have no father he passed away when I was the age of four months old. no chance to even know him. My mother pshh should I even call her that? Really, she may have given birth to me and my brother & three sisters, I thank her for this with deep gratitude for I love my family, but she is not family to me. Instead i’m forced to love her from a distance, I mean the kinda love you give to a drug addict that chooses the needle over it’s children for twenty whole years. So tell me? Should I have sympathy for her actions that created my life & the life of my family? I don’t blame her for my actions, I really just didn’t know how to act. How would you have reacted to this scenario?

This really took a toll on me. I could have been a criminal or even a doctor but I chose the route i’m on because I wouldn’t be speaking to you right now. The human that may or may not be going threw times like these, I have became a warrior for these hard times I have faced have tested me. I’m still here, well planted like a tree, Iv’e even witnessed wisdom on my journey, I actually feel connected to my spirit. This is the only thing I take pride in for no one can steal my story for I have lived it. Feels like I have lived it for a hundred years, I call it a depression. It makes me weak and I will stumble but i’m well planted so I never fall. I feel as a tree does like roots so I put my feet on the soil to feel the connection I have never ever felt. Its funny to me that even without money we should still live by common sense, but notice its not vary common.

So what did I have to do I had to grow like a tree cause the sky is the limit right? But why do I feel limited to this sky? I started to ponder and thought of space but what if I could fill this space with what I only need like: Oxygen, UV lighting, Water, Love, Peace, Happiness, Prosperity, but yet I feel Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness, Discomfort, Anger, Resentment, for what?(I yelled to myself) I did not choose these things to affect me, yet what makes this all happen? Simply the mind over matter concept. Anything you set yourself to do with Passion, Love, Happiness all gravitate toward you faster than a blink of your eye. Forget this reality man has created for me and you. Because we need to train our minds to think ahead of now, what is good to think about for your own health? What are you’r goals or even dreams? Do you even have dreams anymore? Or are you just like me battling this never ending war until it brings sudden death?

I know Death isn’t a pleasant subject matter, but of course one will face it eventually due time. So diligently pick the remainder of your time here and fill it with memory’s of harmony and “keep pursuit of your happiness at arms reach” for Love, Peace, Time, Energy, Faith don’t take anything but your powerful mind that this universe has already created with your existence. Spend time with your loved ones and always greet one another with gentle compassion. I know these things but I am only human and lack most times when people seem to need me the most, I sincerely apologize because I choose to love willingly. It does not only effects you for it effects me as well, is my philosophy I live by today. I say “most times” because I could have everything in the whole world and still be affected by my issues that’s how big we make them. Let’s do ourselves a favor for once and just let the problem go, pray about it then take action on answering that prayer, because you are gods message itself no need for him to respond.

Took me a while to grasp this concept, thank you for listening.

This is only my rough draft, Should I continue writing more stories in different genres?

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