Uber Is Getting Ready To Deliver Food By Drone

Before the service launches let us read what the plan is…

Uber Elevate, the aerial side of the company,  says it will start delivering from McDonald’s and other restaurants to households in San Diego this summer,  Bloomberg reports.

But of course, being in its early stages, Uber is waiting on approval from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for the service to begin.

The company has promised it will be offering food deliveries by drone in multiple countries by 2023. Exciting right!? From what we’ve gathered, their drones will fly to designated zones, where a physical person will pick up the goods and deliver them to you.

“To envision where we are in drone technology, imagine that this is two years before the introduction of cell phones,” says Stanley Maloy, head of innovation at San Diego State University. “The next step is a brick-size phone to carry around. And it’s a decade before we see smartphones.”

Makes your skin tingle doesn’t it?

The company bets that customers will desire air delivery over ground delivery for the time savings and hopefully, price savings. With speeds reaching up to 70 mph, say goodbye to long delivery waits. For a 1.5 mile delivery, it would take an average of 21 minutes by ground. But with a drone, the trip can be completed in about 7 minutes.

Kate Fraser, head of policy at Uber Elevate, believes drone food delivery will take at least 3 years to be implemented in a handful of markets. She says, “In those cities, they can do demand modeling to decide if a drop-off place is every six or eight blocks”.

For the most, Uber has been working with McDonald’s, testing flight paths and designing packages that keep the food intact and temperature just right for you.

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