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Phone Technology is ever expanding in the consumers world.

So much going on in the world right now, to the politics to the vast amount of work done by people to keep the economy booming. we do a lot without ever realizing our role in society. Cellphones can be a huge distraction from the possible opportunity around yourself by face to face interaction, it is becoming a rare sight to see these days. But don’t get me wrong leveraging your cellphone is optimal for reaching thousands of people within minutes of your time. The bottom line is the internet is powerful and no longer only exist on a computer but at your finger tips.

Here is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Most affordable and Most features.

Samsung is already known for almost better quality than iPhone at a way reasonable price, I give quality to iPhone for introducing beautiful cellphones but they are limited to the ios software features and lets be honest iPhone break insanely fast. To accidentally dropping your phone at pocket height you are likely to break the front or the back glass panel. That is if you have not already purchased your Otter box for via cell phones iPhone, Samsung, which I will post from Amazon about some great offers below.

iPhone XR

iPhone XR is quite lager than Apples entry level iPhone a whole 6.1 inches in size. colors seem to pop, as it supports the P3 wide color gamut including a single-lens portrait mode. Real quality features introduced to this iPhone dual camera system with symmetrical speaker ports near the charger port.

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