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Technology Advances Have Really Enhanced Our Homeland Security

Looking at the role of geospatial data from Homeland Security (DHS) they have incorporated geospatial analytics in on going investigations, essentially granting access to flying drones (UAV) over public housing for surveillance systems, more likely to be introduced sooner than later because its in the final stages of development.

Increase In Emergency Procedures

ultimately increasing the strategic planning of procedures to tactical decision’s for automated emergency measures. Including being able to enable location technologies improving current law enforcement, including Homeland Security on effective protocols. Including but not limited to evasive maneuvers or stealth surveillance. It really shows the huge step in man kind these upcoming (UAV’s) are becoming, its like the first step on the moon but today’s version of it.

Keeping Communities Safe

Non-Government organizations, Civilian’s and civic organizations have all helped keep communities safe by “if you see something, say something”. Works well if the neighborhood gets along greatly but isn’t always the case. So its a positive movement in that aspect, but i’m sure it will come with many cons. So whats your view on this matter? I encourage you to get involved, express yourself in comments below please.

People Becoming More Aware

More aware of whats going on in the day to day news most American based news medias portray one sided articles that don’t even effect the day to day civilian. That is why here at Drone Tech Today we find quality news we know you need to hear to be able to separate yourself from all the cliche. So please subscribe today I will personally post four to five long reads a month for pure quality reads.

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