Introducing kespry

Kespry offers aerial intelligence industry’s flexible, ROI-driven drone program, complemented by new pricing model scalable to the largest global enterprises. According to this press release on 05.21.19 –

Behold- Kespry services expand for DJI enthusiast, hobbyist/career platform to provide customers with integrating existing DJI Drones fleets, Kespry aerial intelligence platform ensures data reliability by providing a single source of aerial truth. Now regardless to the drone you use, customers will benefit from Kespy’s services by exploring the industry specific tools, automatic platform updates and of course world class customer support.

George Mathew, is CEO of Kespry. Stated “The combination of the Kespry platform, hardware flexibility and uniform access to our comprehensive applications and vertical-specific tools makes enterprise expansion easier and more accessible than ever. It enables companies to align their aerial intelligence strategy in lockstep with their evolving business goals.”

George Mathew, CEO: Kespry

Kespry Launches BYOD—Bring Your Own Drone—Program

Program includes a new platform pricing model designed to meet the expanding enterprise aerial intelligence requirements of multi-site mining companies and large-scale residential and commercial property insurers. Kespry now offers a single fee for its platform, including unlimited access to industry-leading, vertically-integrated applications, the Kespry Cloud and AI and ML-based analytics. BYOD means companies can either choose to go with Kespry-managed drone hardware or use their own existing DJI drone fleet, including the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Phantom series. The combination of flexible platform pricing and BYOD means teams across mining, aggregates and inspection companies have uniform access to the latest aerial intelligence technology, Kespry’s unrivaled accuracy, ease-of-use and safety benefits.

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