Interview Today With My Dream Job

My top level qualities as an employee.

1.) Exceptional self discipline the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.

2.) Self determination to be honest in all aspects of this life, including ambitious drives.

3.) The love of overcoming my weaknesses to show growth in areas I need developed.

4.) I would love to work in the field of technology so it will never feel like a burden to open earlier than expected if needed.

5.) I will gladly stay late for you, if your really busy one day and let’s say my shift is over at 5:00 p.m. don’t worry I am more likely to tell you I don’t even need to be on the clock of course if it’s within a reasonable amount of my time.

Quick introduction: My career choice that I had in mind before working at MWH Global was to be a marketing guru of some kind but I had no clue on how to achieve such a lofty goal. I taught myself from waking up 2-3 times earlier than the average person would for a average construction job but I was committed to the job traveling to and from Orlando for 17 dollars a hour to experience 5:00 p.m. traffic on the way home after working a 10-12 hour shift. Yeah, it definitely ate at me but it was the price I was willing to pay for a local good job. I have no choice but to face it it every day so as any person in my shoes would do I quit my job. I’ve been working at MWH for 3 1/2 years. I was tired of it to the point I had to quit. So I dived in head first into an idea that would last forever at least in my eyes, but technology is ever growing came to mind instantly. So I planned out an idea I will stick with until I die, I had already pulled my 401 k saving which was roughly 5,000 after taxes and instantly invested in my plan.

Affiliate Marketing Is what I’ve always loved to do since I was in High School I took two years of regular marketing but affiliate marketing isn’t taught in school. I am a great writer but I am not the best speller (laugh) I still use google for that. I came across your ad about 6 weeks ago before and told myself I should definitely start here with local business owners and make them profit and watch them grow in time. I am a young ambitious down to earth individual that studies like you wouldn’t believe. I have a vision to get you a whole lot of customers being employed by you sir, I have a high level of respect and I am a profound christian not that any of this is important but i would like my next employer to actually know me. I am great at giving speeches or presentation most of the time and conduct myself professionally it will be great for your business. I lack in the technician field and really want to learn with a deep passion I am willing to work tomorrow and help with anything you need as I am dreaming of something big and would like to advertise your local business as my business grows as well because I run Drone Tech Today the future of the drone industry its a given people will need all types of electronics I am selling. I am great with creating relevant articles on matters to do with upcoming technology, the field’s growth which in turns creates traffic I invest in. I will create advertisements for you to combine with my already 350 emails in two months of my site being on the web. Of course only with your permission to do so, I will invest my earnings to start targeting locally with my advertisements so that in turn, creates a larger revenue but give me time because my 350 Email’s to count are in fact world wide. I sell Amazon products as an associate for now but my dream’s will grow into a electronic store eventually but I would like to create not only you as my boss but a long term business partner. I will take your offer of 10 dollars an hour until you see fit. I want to help your store not just be a employee you see everyday walking in and out of your store unhappy with their jobs this field gives me a sense of purpose I know we can achieve great things. I have been praying about this opportunity because it fits my career choice. I am also an investor of stocks which I would gladly keep you updated with.

again I would like to thank you for this opportunity to grow within this company, Any questions you have feel free to ask me I am a open book.

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