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Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Switch

The rise and shine of Mario games is ever lasting always a fun challenge to over come and with the new Mario Maker 2 coming soon itll be a great make for the Nintendo Switch creating your own levels and challenges. If you remember Mario maker one and how fun it was well now theres more with new tools and sweeter items to place within your own level including a new mode. The new mode will be a story mode not like the rest of the series there’s no world or path to run down, it brings you to the next level like that. Mario Maker even added a online multiplayer to play with friends or against them and who doesn’t love a good run with the guys down a flaming track. The Developers even made the level making very smooth for controller use some players prefer the controller over the hand held wii and 3DS it does have a few moments of adjustment but its not that big of one. Along with most games there is a guide but for Mario Maker its more of a helping hand called yamamura’s dojo and it shows you ideas for your own levels what to do when you make mistakes and gives you a great advice such as not being a troll and giving the person playing your level an idea where to go its simple but genius.

Mario Maker 2 comes out june 28

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