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Samurai Shodown Review

We all know the big cross platform fighting games like MK11 or street fighter where combos and juggling are a big thing, but now a different approach to the fighting genre. Samurai Shodown is a 2D fighter, many of different playable characters with each having their own personality and once per match special. This amazing game has its own fair share of mind games but you cant be juggled in this masterpiece there is counters, deflect and even a rage meter all allowing you some breathing room. While most fighting games there’s little difference from a heavy attack to a light but in Samurai Showdown each has its own range and power behind it. Its play style is more about placement and punishing mistakes your opponent makes rather than seeing how fast you can use the same move over and over even throwing a heavy has a risk. Miss the attack and your open but land it and there is a chunk of life missing from your enemy.

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