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Top Upcoming Pre Orders For Sony’s Play Station 4 Exclusives

This summer has been a blast with many upcoming games like Nioh 2 for Sony’s Play Station 4 and Lost Soul Aside (To be Announced) also the PS4 exclusive RAN: Lost Island TBA 2019 just three I have listed are the kind of fun story games we have been missing since everyone has been focused on multiplayer game modes. Don’t get me wrong I love them Too, but we are missing out on Great Titles like MediEvil TBA 2019 or how about Death Stranding we have been waiting for, for so long now. But last but not least Cyber Punk 2077 these Sony Play Station 4 exclusives are worth the pre order.

I mean check out Sony’s prices

Ubisoft Never Gives Up On The Great Games

They wont die off, these games like rainbow six siege or the Division franchise or even Far Cry thank you UBI.

They sure don’t let the games they produce die off like most these companies, which is great since my all time favorite first person shooter game.

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