Facebook: Planning the future of internet connection

Announced in 2014, the development of a unmanned aircraft called the Aquila. Aquila is made of carbon fiber that is stronger than steel & has a wing span wider than a Boeing, 737 with the weight only 880 pounds. Astonishing isn’t it?

Developed by Facebook’s Connectivity Labs, the prototype was constructed by Ascenta a Somerset, England-based company acquired by Facebook in 2014.[1]Scale models of the Aquila were built and flown to prove the concept prior to the prototype being built.


The Aquila prototype was disassembled and shipped to Arizona where it was first flown on 28 June 2016 and crashed as it was about to land, caused by a gust of wind making a 20 foot piece of its wing fall off. Then was later found successful, In November 2017 a partnership with Airbus was announced to further develop the Aquila. In 2018, it was reported that Facebook & Airbus have scheduled test flights in Australia. The upper surface of the wings are Solar Cells to power the Aircraft’s four batteries. Aquila solar-powered, high-altitude unmanned aircraft system (UAS) was to provide global internet access.

The development was stopped, Facebook stated that it’s ending a project to build the Aquila solar-powered. But I felt this is relevant to the upcoming developments in the near future, It makes me excited to see where the leaders take us with these advancements.

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