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Worlds most powerful drones from DJI

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Introducing the worlds most powerful to date quadcopter. This beautiful machine is the one you need. With built in tap to fly meaning if you use the drones transmitter via ipad or tablet, tap on the screen for the drone to fly to that location. Including active track that tracks objects or people with a touch of a tablet, drawing the the route on the ipad or tablet will create a path of flight. No extra bracelet required for tracking because the drone uses camera and gps wifi connection. Also meaning you will never lose your drone.

Most powerful drone.

Which can be flown in wind speed up to 35 to 45 mph. In my opinion this drone is the quadcopter you need whether you need it for photography, video design or even film making. Can fly 3.1 miles away before switching in auto flight back mode. A 35 min battery life but a longer charge time to 45 min really makes you think on purchasing extra battery’s.

Tweaked design of Phantom 4

Since the design of the phantom 3 the designers tweaked the gimbal 4k ultra resolution and brought us 1080p at 120 fps for slow motion footage.


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