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Comercial Drone Advancements Today

This ever growing technology is increasingly becoming popular in latest trends globaly. Today more drone pilots that consider themselves professionals, providing various services. Including photography, Geo landscaping, even wedding videos or photography, I think you get the point. Its ever growing and this is not even including military or consumer toy’s used in this industry that are rapidly growing and evolving. Not to even mention the drone festivals people put together, soon drone delivery services will be the new way to deliver letters or packages. Including the medical use of UAV’s for delivering organs in a timely manner without any traffic or even the time of tacking off.

Amazon & Walmart suppliers in the near future?

Already in the testing phases Amazon & Walmart are both using their potential customer package delivery srvices by via UAV or drone, maybe Google is next?

Military use of UAV systems

These UAV are top notch grade been in use for programmed air strikes, its becoming increasingly scary that a unmanned aircraft can quietly and unexpectedly just drop a bomb with little time to prepare. I personaly dont like this subject but its becoming our reality, These drones use accurate GPS targeting interface system which makes these UAV probably the most lethal weapon known to man, for the sheer stealth capabilities. Im just naming a few aspects of this technology there is soo much, I dont yet understand but I hope you get the point. This is an average of $20 million invested in the UAV drone that is targeted against ISIS. Military grade UAV’s could reach a stagering $200 million easy with capabilities of carying out Nuclear/Bio weapon attacks.

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