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The ever growing drone community

The ever growing drone community continues, as it grows fast more people are realising how lucrative drones can be for ones cinimatic photography. That’s just one civilian use of drones now. The new era is right before our reach which drones that will be implemented to watch the streets much like militarized drones used to track IEDs or shiny objects from a distance.

The new products first traction will be launched in about a six month spectrum. Where dropping packages off becomes easier for Amazon delivery via drone. These future drones will ultimately Police and record public information. Document on going investisgations and othe legal matters. It is a new way of mail delivery, no more trucks driving up and down the street having to pull along the side of a busy adress, but instead the mail man will pilot the drone via transmitter iPad or Tablet.


What a time to be alive

It really is a great time to be living with all the great technology at our finger tips, please subscribe to my website for more technology news updates and recent articles for free.

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