Aerones: The New Age Of Drone Services.

CEO of Aerones: Janis Putrams UAV/Drones are the future of service drones capable of de-icing of wind turbines and cleaning skyscrapers windows without having people put in any danger, also this advancement in the UAV/Drone world will also be of a benefit search in rescue teams on remote locations, harsh weather or environments no problem, this heavy lifting drone is capable of lifting up to 200kg (441 ibs) which is perfect for search and rescue teams that don’t have to risk their own lifes.

This Aerone firefighter drone is evolutionary in terms of service drones, it’s capable of controlling forest fires that could potentially wipe out homes around the area keeping hundreds secure in the future investments of these life saving technology. As you can see drones will be the future of services, photography, and aerospace exploration in the near future.

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